Kelly Blake Moran Golf Course Architects is a professional golf course architecture practice providing a complete design service.  The firm’s modus operandi is based upon Mr. Moran’s iron-clad conviction that hands-on experience with the land is the only way to develop rich and meaningful design solutions for all aspects of this business: course routing; strategy; infrastructure; maintenance; and aesthetics.  This land-based approach ensures the course will be challenging, interesting, and pleasurable to play. The key to success is to ensure that each hole makes best use of the site’s natural features. 

Few principal architects are involved in a project from beginning to end. Kelly Blake Moran, however, has established an enviable reputation for his land-based design approach. Being ‘Johnny on the spot’ places Kelly at the center of all aspects of the design, construction, grow-in, and operation of a new golf course all critical stages to the development. This willingness continues to make him highly sought after by clients who wish to have their course reflect the charms and nuances inherent to their site.