Kelly Blake Moran Golf Course Architects is a professional golf course architecture practice providing complete design services for new golf course projects as well as existing golf courses needing a master plan of improvements. These professional services include master routing plans, construction documents and specifications, budget estimations and construction scheduling, on-site observation of design implementation, and post-construction grow-in and long-term maintenance programs.

New Golf Courses

Kelly Blake Moran Golf Course Architects has delivered outstanding stand-alone courses, and golf courses within residential communities that are pivotal to selling home sites and memberships. He often collaborates with owners, engi­neers, greens superintendents, land use attorneys, and land planners during the design and construction phases. Clients of Kelly Blake Moran have confirmed time after time, that it is the course’s inherent strategy that lies at the nub of providing a pleasurable and quality golfing experience. Kelly Blake Moran golf courses using a land-based ap­proach provide a strategic design of the highest order, pro­vide avenues for the lesser player to enjoy the course, and respect the exceptional value of the natural features of the land by incorporating those features into the experience of the course. As a golfer improves their physical, mental, and playing abilities, they find new ways to play each hole and discover new challenges and pleasures in his courses.

Master Plans of Improvements

Kelly Blake Moran Golf Course Architects is not limited to the de­sign and construction of new courses. Additional services include detailed master plans of improvement for many existing golf courses. Kelly’s master plans identify the strategic, infrastructure, and mainte­nance needs of the golf course. Improvements can be as simple as changing mowing lines to introduce more ground game options, and expanding greens to introduce more exciting pin areas to more extensive work such as improving poor drainage, and expanding tees to better accommodate an increase in rounds played. Any improvements are detailed in plans, specifications, take­offs, and budgets, and Kelly is always present to observe the implementation of master plan improvements.